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Monday, January 23, 2017

Seattle-area Workshop! --Attention All Tree House/Tiny House Fans!

     So, among 5000 other things we're up to (a new book via Storey Press, a Los Angeles Tiny House Build in a Museum, a Tree house youtube show, and more), we're announcing a very intimate Tree House Workshop (FULLY HANDS-ON), which will parallel MANY facets of TINY HOUSE BUILDING and 101 framing and carpentry. Its a culmination of both worlds.
-May 20th and the 21st-
Monroe Washington (50 miles outside Seattle- this place is GORGEOUS!!!)

Above- A tree house we designed and built in CT for the Make A Wish Foundation
So many of the needed skills to build both tree houses and tiny houses are similar, so this workshop is  a great opportunity for both interest groups to learn, and actually build! 

We're keeping it intentionally small too. This isn't a cattle call in a hotel ballroom, we'll be building 
both outdoors on the site, and in a 3000 square foot barn, and you'll see this from start to completion.


LIMITED to 15 Students (with THREE hosts- ALL from the HGTV series "Tiny House Builders")
That's a host/teacher for every five students- a GREAT ratio!
Hosts are Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, Dustin Diedricksen, and the one simply known as "Shippey"- the DIY pirate of the trees.... 

These aren't wimpy 9-3:30 workshops with two hour lunch breaks and two hours built in for reflection and note-taking, we're all BUILDING together. Each day runs from 10am to 8pm

It'll be FUN! We have MANY students who have signed up for our workshops three, four, even FIVE times, as each project is always very different. People keep coming back, so we're doing something right! 

You'll get to see/tour TWO tiny DIY gypsy wagons and an incredible dome structure on the land- one where we'll hold some of our talks, meetings, and late-night hang outs! 

THIS place! And its HUGE!!! 

Above: for a size reference, that's a BED in the background!

The hosts have been building and designing for well over a decade, and have had their works and designs featured in MANY books, magazine, newspapers, and huge design blogs.

You'll get to see a project to completion in this weekend and get to leave with some great bragging rights photos of what YOU helped build over the weekend!

ABOVE: A recent (smaller) tree house we built in North Carolina with students....

Its for ALL skill levels- we'll walk you through everything!

You are welcome to camp on the premises for the night- no extra charge!

We'll have a pig-out pizza party/hang the first night so that you don't have to worry about leaving for meals that first night. (all other meals are on your own)

Another past Vermont tree house build/workshop 

Its Simple, Just Hit This Little Link...

Buy Now


The workshop is $295 for the full two day course
(You just have to pay $95 at the link to reserve your spot, and pay the balance when you arrive). 

Each day run approximately TEN HOURS- and then we call it a wrap and hang/discuss things afterwards with QnA time....

Refunds: If you cancel 30 days or more before the workshop, you'll be given a refund.
Anything after that, with notice, will be only given as a rain check for another workshop, or you're welcome to pass on your ticket to someone else.
Anyone who doesn't show, and gives no notice, will not be refunded. 
These are very fair terms. Most other workshops will not offer rain checks out 30-day-out refunds. 

PLEASE make sure you are free on your calendar before you register- it'll save everyone a lot of time and hassle. 

Any addition questions- newenglandrockpress at gmail

21' tall ROBOT tree house we built at yet ANOTHER New England Workshop!