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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Lightweight" 128 Square Foot Tiny House in Cleveland!


     So Dustin and I were the guest-speaking opening act for "The Property Brothers" at Cleveland OH's fantastic "Home and Remodeling Show" a few weekends ago (just a top notch event- fun!), and while working this show, we had the chance to tour FOUR tiny houses that were on display.
     THREE of these houses were from "Small Spaces CLE"- Cleveland area building/designers, led by Packy Hyland, and these guys and their crew had done a heck of a job with the designs and the decor for these homes. Packy and his crew were ultra friendly too- which is always nice to find.
     Anyway, this tour here is of their SMALLEST model- a sixteen-foot-long tiny house on wheels that weighs in at around 7000 pounds- which, believe it or not, is pretty light as compared to many tiny houses out there now. Packy pulled this model with a Toyota Tundra.
     Aside from a generous loft, and a great little bathroom, this particular tiny house, as you'll see, is adorned with some great interior trim and woodwork, is heated with a compact mini-split system, has Japanese-style "tansu" steps to ascend to the loft, soft-shut drawers, and a nice little kitchen area ta' boot.
     Check out the full tour, and I hope you enjoy it!

Reminder: Tiny House Summer Camp 4 on our 10 acres off-grid spread in Orleans, VT is already filling up, so if interested in camping out with us, and THREE days of actual, hands-on, building, design, and guest speakers galore, hit THIS link for details and sign-up links......

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Liked the review! Is there a comprehensive book on where it is legal to live in one of your structures, like the A-frame? In the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, it's almost harder to qualify for a crappy apartment than get a mortgage (ugh - no thanks)....really would like to escape the apartment overlord/rent trap...

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