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Monday, March 21, 2016

Deek's Transforming A-Frame Cabin/Tiny House "goes LEGO"!

Ok- not to harp on and on about Lego- as the last post/video dealt with them too- after all this is MAINLY a tiny house, shelter, tree house and DIY idea site, but I couldn't pass up on sharing this one, as it made my day!

One of my friends commented, "Dude, now you can just hang it up and relax. You've made it!- someone built a lego model of one of your cabins!".

I stumbled upon this by accident while I was looking for the link of my own "Transforming A-frame Cabin" video, and this one came up in the search results.

So, "THANK YOU" to whoever did this- I got a kick out of it.

If you want to check out the actual/real-deal cabin that inspired it, I sell plans (link in the left column of this blog), AND, here's the video tour of the FIRST one that was built down in Memphis, TN by Joe Everson and his crew-

The Original Cabin..... $1200 to build.... plan available to the left in the blog column.


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  2. Can't fink link to plans, I keep getting sent to blogspot where nothing works. Wanted plans to Transforming A-Frame. Blogspot is very confusing for me. Sorry.

  3. One of my students wants to design and build Mindcraft tiny houses for his game. When he does, I will post and share them.

  4. Always believed that with the help of Lego you can build anything. This tiny model is very skillfully made despite its size. You can finish building a few more floors or even build a whole manor. In my app marketing services blog, I also shared photos of Lego buildings. I love this most popular designer in the world.