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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tiny Art Cabin/Tiny House on Display in CT Art Gallery through June...

Hey, if you haven't checked out one of our recent builds/videos, here it is! 
This "Art Studio Cabin" is something we collectively built as a workshop group (Our Putnam, CT "Tiny House Building Workshop") in May inside an art gallery called "The Empty Spaces Project".

This little cabin is now on display in this great little gallery, so swing on by Main St. in Putnam, CT and check it out! 

Miss the workshop? Well, we have a bigger and better one coming up! 
"Tiny House Summer Camp 3" in Orleans, VT- THREE days of building and design, speakers, live demos, camping, bonfire discussions, and more! 

Also, our NEW book is out soon too (and no available on pre-order!)
Check it out!