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Friday, May 30, 2014

Make this SIMPLE Wooden Spool Table For Your Home/Cabin

Make this great Wooden Spool Table For Under $20.00

As a good many of you readers know, I'm a salvage junky- I love finding discarded items and making them into something else, and even flipping them for profit (if I'm not using them for tiny house decor) in my own home, or the tiny houses and cabins I build). Anyway, I recently came across a great, sizable wooden cable spool, and plan on making one of these cool little tables, but perhaps one inset with some potted plants, or a bowl for odds n' ends.

Wooden spools, if you look, can often be found for free. Legs like these (vintage mid-century modern hairpin legs) can affordably be ordered on ebay or amazon, and Ikea has a large selection of metal table legs too- some as reasonable as only $3 each. Of course you could make your own wooden legs as well, or use pipe fittings- which works great!

The table shown above uses both halves (circles) of a disassembled spool, which were then screwed and glued together, sanded, and polyurethaned. The polyurethane isn't necessary, but gives it a nice shine.

As for my spool, I'm not going to double it up, because I want to save the other half. Along with a mountain of lumber and weird salvaged items I've amassed, we'll be using it for something creative- alongside THREE hands-on cabin/tiny house builds in Vermont this August! This workshop's been filling up quickly, and its going to be GREAT! FOUR DAYS of wild creativity, fun, and camping!

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