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Friday, May 23, 2014

Build a decorative window wall with booze and beer bottles??

Old jars, beer bottles, soda bottles, wine and liquor bottles- save 'em all… the more colorful the better too…

Want some blue mixed into that wall? Suck down some Luna de Luna wine. A little brown? Toss in some budweiser bottles. Green? Yuengling works… and so on. Again, jars, and even yard sale vases work well too.

HOW? Frame out a wooden border, lay the bottles as you'd like them, and pour in some concrete (ideally a kind with a binding additive). Then, once hard enough to remove the frame safely, do so, and wipe any of the concrete/grout haze from the exposed surfaces of the bottles. Then frame this piece into a wall as you would a window- although, being much heavier, it will need additional framing support…

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