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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MORE SIMPLE, CHEAP, DIY TRIM WOOD for your cabin, or furniture

This is a crude little table that I found on the side of the road the other day (I've been VERY lucky lately and even found a GREAT adirondack chair too!) and a simply painted it, trimmed the top (gave it a rim) with some rustic/klunky wood, and that's it! It another little table that I'll resell on craigslist for a few bucks, or use in one of my little cabins .

ONE single piece of batten wood- 1 1/2" wide, for $1.42, trimmed out the whole potting shed/workbench. One can of $2.99 spray paint (Valspar) rounded out the paint job (painting with a brush and leftover can paint would have been cheaper, but I liked this particular color).\
    These batten strips are so easy to work with, and make for really simple, decent-looking, trim wood in one's cabin or home. Paint or stain this kind of wood for a desired effect, or leave it as-is, but per linear foot, you'll save a bundle.Yes, mitered joints would have looked nicer, and I usually do that, but I was in a hurry.

You may not dig it, it may not be your style, but almost EVERYTHING I find on the side of the road, and fix, sells on craigslist. Some items I don't even have to fix!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen