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Monday, September 2, 2013

MORE photos of "Deek's Rock N' Roll Shed-Conversion"

THIS is another cabin you'll be seeing (and perhaps staying in) at my next TINY HOUSE BUILDING (HANDS-ON) DESIGN WORKSHOP in Massachusetts- November 15-17. The class size will be limited, and each past workshop has SOLD OUT, so email me at kidcedar at if interested.OR CLICK ON THE BIG BANNER ABOVE for TONS of details.....

 I call it the "Rock Shed", as we filmed it for that purpose during a pilot episode we shot for for HGTV and Nat Geo, but aside from the VERY COOL, space saving, stand-up, Peace Cocktail Drum Set in there (a "Manhattan" model/kit), the rest of the room is more modern/sparse. Whatever the case, I like the overall spacious feel of this place (one recently featured on Apartment Therapy, and a few other cool blogs!).

This room, as of recent, has more so become a display spot for some of the things I've re-purposed and am selling on craigslist, but we WILL eventually have a full video tour of how and why I remade this shed. There's A LOT you still can't see in the selective photos I've posted. Its NOT a tiny house, but there are certainly some space and light approaches that cross over each realm.

The skylight, one we scavenged in the episode, has a crack, so I'll be doing what I should have done from the start, covering over the skylight are with clear Tuftex poly carbonate roofing- the stuff is tough!

Here's a video on a scrap-material coffee table I also built for this room....a VERY SIMPLE, recycled-material, diy project.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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