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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photos from Lloyd Kahn's Homestead (with Kent Griswold)

 I had a chance to hang with two great guys the other weekend- Lloyd Kahn (from Shelter Publications- Author of "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter", and Kent Griswold, of  
I had hung/met with both of these guys separately before, so it was great to catch up and "talk shop".

    Inside the offices of "Shelter Publications"- home-run, on a homestead, by home-addict, Lloyd Kahn. L to R- Kent Griswold, Lloyd Kahn, Derek Diedricksen

     We met at Lloyd's homestead near Muir Woods in California while I was out guest speaking at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop, and of course, the talk was hugely based around "Tiny Houses". Lloyd is busy prepping his upcoming book "Water and Wheels" for an eventual trip to the printer (Spring 2014?), and I'm excited to be a part of one of his books yet again (my micro camper on wheels, "The Cub").

Anyhow, here are a few photos I took while out there- a case where I looked, and lived, more than experiencing things through a camera lens (sorry all!). Lloyd's place is just great- laden with hippied-out charm, homemade pizazz, and then some. His book collection on alternative architecture is pretty legendary too.

 Lloyd's homemade, recycled-sash, greenhouse

Lloyd also gifted me a nice abalone shell while I was touring his grounds, and I've already re-purposed it into something you'll see in an upcoming post AND video....

 Lloyd's Sauna building...

an outdoor solar shower

An axe demo, by a collection of hand-carved spoons

ONE of Lloyd's workshop areas

His home, as the fog begins to roll in...

Kent: "I could hang here all day and still not take enough photos!"

Lloyd's Book...and mine...

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen