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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THE BEECH TREE COTTAGES (a tiny house/cottage compound) in Madison, CT

 Madison, CT, a small shoreline town, is where I grew up. Its a very picturesque little town- great beaches, good people, and gorgeous homes- but one, where for years there resided a run down, past-its-glory cottage camp right by Hammonassett State Park (CT's LARGEST Public Beach). Even as a kid, there was something I always loved about not only small homes, but this particular marsh-side camp, and it was sad to see it become more and more derelict as the years went on. The grass grew higher, the window panes fell victim to vandalism and neglect, and total ruin seemed imminent. THANKFULLY, THIS WAS NOT THE OUTCOME....
      In the late-90s, it appeared (and such is the case), that a family with some foresight, and who appreciated the area, view, and locale as much as I did, decided to buy the place, and fix it up. Little by little, as it must have been a monumental task, this former gathering of cottages began to look not good, but GREAT again. Now, many years later, the cottages serve once again as lodging, the former Esso gas station out front has been transformed into a home for the owners, The on-site icehouse is now a super funky and unique gift shop dubbed "The Little Station" (, and the landscaping has been more than tamed.
     I'm happy to be able to share a few photos with you, as I finally had the chance to check out these little houses up close and personally. Cozy, fun, relaxing. and charming, this place seems to have it all. I salute the Talmadge family for keeping this 1930s-built seaside resort alive. I have not stayed there yet, but its most certainly on my "to do" list.

If you want a REALLY fun place to stay, and one that has a walking path that leads DIRECTLY to one of the better beaches in CT, look not further. I don't receive a dime for recommending this place, and don't know its owners, but please tell them I sent you....I'd love to see this place continue to thrive.
   -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Super-cool "outhouse" for parties, cookouts, and functions- EACH tiny cottage has its own bathroom/shower though....

All photos by Deek