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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Outdoor Space part of your Tiny House Living

 Here's another unusual example, which would work great where the terrain of one's lot, or even the size of it might not otherwise allow you to build an outdoor deck, or configure any kind of outdoor living patio into the overall scheme of your small or tiny living experience. "Extend your living space outdoors" is one of the oldest tricks in the small-space-design book, and one that is very effective. Doing so while extending and continuing your lines of sight can be additionally helpful in many layout cases. Of course, outdoor living space can more so become TRUE living space in warmer climates, while in places like New England, where I live, its relegated to more of a seasonal option- BUT, its a tactic that still visually tricks the mind and makes a room feel bigger than it is, or gives one more room to lounge and live in the great outdoors- tax-free, in some cases too. 

The photo example given may be atop more of a playhouse, but the idea is still there: You can take things not only outward, but upward. A simple butyl membrane roof, and some proper framing could make a roof deck like this a reality rather easily.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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