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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Land Of Misfit Furniture- My Small Cabin In The Woods of Vermont

 BACK TO VERMONT'S NORTHEAST KINGDOM....TRIP #3 in 3 three weeks.....
MORE PHOTOS TO COME on Kent Griswold's

The "New" part of my cabin, this room is 12' by 16', and was built for about $1000.00
       Well, it was up to Vermont (my camp/cabin/land) again these last three days in preparation for Vermont's Tiny House Building Summer Camp (July 6-9th- there's still room for about 4 people to sign up) and this time it was a family camp-out affair, with my kids, and my mother, Sigrid Diedricksen along for the experience as well. We knew, ahead of time, that the weather was going to be awful, but much had to be done, wood had to be delivered to the build site, the main cabin needed to be finished up, and well, you name it- and "Siggy" was a huge help. The good news: We ended up getting EVERYTHING done that I aimed to do, even doing some hammering work late one night by lantern light, and the last day's weather ended up being gorgeous. The only thing I regret is not getting to make a stop at The Goodridge Lumber/Saw Mill in Albany, as I love that place- but.....we'll make a field trip there, with a tour, as part of our workshop to see them milling cedar. The place is great, and its where I get most of my wood for just about anything.
    Anyhow, here are a few new photos of my cabin/camp, taken with a "widish" angle lens, which makes the place look a bit bigger than it is. This cabin, which I started at age 22 when I bought the land, has gone through a few transformations over the years, and now stands at just under 300 square feet- not counting the loft, which isn't standable (its 10' by 10', and about 6' by 10' of it is useable/maneuvrable.) It was built with four people in mind (my family), but can house/sleep up to ten.

Above: The seat I'm in: Free. The orange couch: Free. The end table: Free. The fake potted plant: Free. ALL windows: Free. The woodstove: $75. The cedar chest/coffee table: $20. Gettin' the hell outta Boston to hang out in the woods: Priceless.

Above: looking outside the cabin, from the ground up....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen