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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shed plans for the MD100 Modern Shed/Guest House from Readymade Magazine

     Well, now it seems that what once were pay-plans, are everywhere for free (and no longer for sale at all- so I'm told). A ways back, Readymade Magazine (R.I.P. :( ) offered up these plans ("The MD100 (Modular Dwelling)" by Edgar Blazona) for a tiny backyard modern shed/shed-office/guest house structure- one that could apparently be built for $1500.00 in materials. Its a mere 10' by 10' in size, but a decent and viable option for micro-housing, if tweaked, perhaps, in a few ways (for the use/needs of my particular client).

Free Plans Link: 

A great looking shed and photo, but c'mon, could you have at least found a more comfortable chair!? I mean, you might as well read from atop a stack of cinder blocks!
     The reason I bring this up; I met with a future-project client the other day, who wanted a variation of this little shed/mini-cabin built in their yard. I'm game, but offered the following suggestions/changes....(esp. as I've NEVER worked from anyone else's plans as of yet- not that I'm so much opposed).

Photo by Humberto Howard
-Nix the front/total windows (a cost savings perhaps) as you'll roast in there with the orientation given.
-Add a window (in exchange) in the back (or more)- for some natural light- so as to possibly eliminate more need/use of lighting and electricity. 
-Potentially add a tiny deck/platform out front to add some interior use/living space to a shed like this. In their case, its going to be used more as a shed, so a front deck with a table and two chairs, and a few adornments, would make this structure look less like a utility shed just plopped down in their yard. Instead, it'd have more of an appealing, multi-functional look to it. 
-Box out one spot/small portion of the interior to make a kid's fort/hideout for their daughter (accessed through a seperate entrance). The top of this boxed out region could be used as a bed platform, or a raised area for interior storage (in the main part of the MD100 offshoot). 
-Fill in the exterior walls with tongue and groove Vermont White Cedar (her recommendation on my offering of it) to give it a rustic, yet still modern, look. Again, this would eliminate the human-cooking huge window fronts too.
-Funktify, or custom build a better door...
-Add a tiny loft area- for additional sleeping or built-in storage. 

This project probably won't begin until 2012 (one of the disadvantages of living in a cold-seasonal area, I suppose) but its something that is sure to be alot of fun (and hard work), and something that I'M SURE we'll film for "Tiny Yellow House" TV.

Here's a link to an old two page article on my book that ran in Readymade, I miss that mag! They ran two articles on my work in the past- and featured my "Hickshaw" cabin video on their blog as well- one of the first sites to do so (thank you!).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen