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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A 6 hour Shed Rehab Session (Fixing What Carpenter Ants Had Undone)

Just a few quick pictures here, to show you the simple rehab power (whether it be with sheds, tiny/small houses, treehouses, or vacation cabins) of tongue and groove siding- so easy to use and install, AND, if you look in the right places, its actually affordable!

Holy rotten wood Batman! A Backyard Shed Autopsy (And yes, the old SIDING, is rubber roofing- which actually works well- even though it looks like hell). 
     As for the backstory on this, a woman in my town was given my information from another local neighbor who I built a deck for last year, and was in need of some "shed fixing". As it turns out, her now deceased husband had built this shed thirty-five years ago (not a bad run!), and although it was a total wreck, she couldn't bring herself to tear it down. All in all, she wanted a "band aid" visual fix for the front, but after opening the wall I soon found out that aside from an old leak that had rotted out much of the plywood sheathing, carpenter ants were EVERYWHERE and had done some very significant damage to the framing as well. .

So....the "one-portion of a wall quick fix" soon became a total rebuilding of one wall's framing, and a completely new, and very simple facade for the front face of the shed. I really wanted to go above and beyond for this woman and add a little deck/platform with a pergola, another window, an exterior shelf for plants, and a lantern light or two (at no cost, but more for fun), but she insisted it remain as plain and simple as possible and was against all of those ideas- which I would have done, again, for zip- which I don't think she fully understood.

Some of the re-framing, AND the replacement/addition of two windows (both found in a dumpster- which saved her, and I, a good deal of time and money (this way I didn't have to charge her for new windows)).
      That, said, after a mere six hours (of ass bustin' though)- here's what we came up with. Note: I'm still going to replace the door, as it's HORRIBLE. The window trim might be stained too- we'll see...

THE ALMOST finished product- Again, we're going to toss in another door. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen