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Monday, August 1, 2011

Woodstock (NY) Handmade Houses (Cabins, Hippie Camps, Retreats, Tiny Homes- Photos...)

      I personally had never heard of this book, and stumbled upon it on someone's "Listmania" list on (self or indie published)- and immediately bought it- and its pretty damn incredible in a photographic sense. There is very little text in the book, and no explanation as to when these photos were taken, or if the houses still stand (book was originally published in 1994- which must be some newer printing/doesn't seem right), but all in all, its a VERY welcomed addition to my ever-expanding tiny house/alternative-home/architecture-book collection. It reminds me in many ways of "Handmade Houses: The Wood-Butchers Art"- another GREAT book. Both, I wish, were much longer though (a compliment), as I'm left wanting many more photos to drool over. Then again, the book, cost-wise, is really reasonable for a full-color tome. File Under: Very unique, creative, rustic, and otherworldly, homes.

Again, I'm prepping for another book-review blog/vlog-episode of "Man With The Ugly Hat" (My top ten housing/small house/cabin books)- hence, so much recent talk and posting about shanty and free-form housing books.

And for those who missed my similarly themed video on a hand-built GYPSY WAGON in Boston...

For those interested in Woodstock Handmade Houses- or The Wood Butchers Art (or my own book)....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen