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A Gypsy Wagon Dwelling in Germany, one video we're CLOSE to finishing, but running out of money on (hired editor, etc)
From "Tiny Yellow House" and now DIY Network Host Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

"We had a few people pass on the last video we needed sponsors for.....that video now has 430,000+ views in under a year. The people who did sponsor us- THRILLED."

Documentary Filmmaker Christopher Smith in Steve Sauer's Container-Like Seattle Micro Apartment
 Our List of Clients Includes- IKEA, Dickinson Boat Stoves, Remo Drums, Meinl (Germany), DeWalt Tools,, Seattle Tiny Homes Co., Jungle Hammocks, The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Moosejaw Clothing, and MANY more


Basically it comes down to this... "Advertise with print media, and you're ad is DEAD, and NEVER READ, after a month, and you STILL will see fewer views and potential clients that we'll give you over time". Don't believe me, check out some of our other videos below.....between our two channels, in a short period of time, we have well over THREE MILLIONS views...and that's not counting the blogs, which we'll tie you into as well.... Keep in mind, these videos should be up there FOREVER- continually getting you exposure! Magazine and blog ads, you're lost in the shuffle among dozens of other ads too- this is a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE!-AND, you're helping out a widely viewed, diy/grass roots, educational program.

These videos are VERY EXPENSIVE to shoot, book, travel-for, and edit....and an ad team-up helps both parties....
First off, thanks for checking out this link, and allow me to give you some further details on the upcoming shoots that we're finishing, editing, and prepping for launch/release.

These episodes are on some architecturally WILD places, and have been picked to play to a large audience and interest group that are fans of these type structures- a scene, genre, and demographic that plays nicely into what you do.

Some of our videos have upwards of 400,000 views by themselves....and even the lower ranking videos still average in the high TENS OF THOUSANDS OF VIEWS....and these numbers continue to grow EVERY DAY. 


1. STEVE SAUER'S Micro-Modern Seattle Apartment- 182 Square Feet, and borrowing much from Container Living, an Ikea aesthetic, and minimalism-meets-modernism. We flew across the country to shoot this one. Steve was recently featured in The Seattle Times, among other large publications, and to date, no one has featured a video tour on him. This will go over big.

2. A San Francisco Custom Tree House Bed n' Breakfast- Just AMAZING....again, we chose this one and trekked down to California to shoot it, as no one has really video toured/covered it yet. Our past tree house episodes, shot on lesser of a budget have also done REALLY well, so we're certainly that this one will see many people, and the tiny house and micro architectural fields very much so overlap with diy tree houses.

3. A Gypsy Wagon Dwelling, Handmade, in Meinz, Germany- An episode based around a young and daring woman who rescued an old wagon, and made it her own. Visually, its an incredible, colorful, funky, and fun, place!

Also, Here's a SAMPLE VIDEO that we've done....

And another on a Houseboat in the BOSTON, Harbor....

How it works/what we're looking for:
Each episode would OPEN (so that your ad/logo, etc would NEVER be missed) with your sponsorship. We have no more than three "brought to you by" sponsors per episode, and backers can also be the SOLE sponsor if they'd like to discuss that.
Prices/Tiers of Ad Sponsoring:

THREE VIDEOS (full screen ad/logo/photo combo in the beginning of the episode, ALL YOU)- These, over time should reach well over 100,000 viewers. Three videos is $680- a little over $200 per video feature. This is INCREDIBLY reasonable. For $780, we'll even throw you into a fourth tour video of a VERY picturesque Vermont Off-Grid Log Cabin- log cabin videos have a HUGE following.



And- Shared text-only ads on a page (your website, etc)- these are the smaller, less prominent, ads, three per screen shot. Three videos- $240
All these ads come with thank you, linked, and logo'd blog posts as well- we see several thousands of readers daily.

We're also available for custom video ad, and production work.

We hope you might consider sponsoring us, and we KNOW it will help you out as well. ANY questions, feel free to contact me at 
We can then, if need be, discuss things on the phone beyond that.....

Thank you for your time,
Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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