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Monday, December 5, 2022

They turned a SILO into a GORGEOUS Tiny House

    This is certainly one for the repurposing fans, and if you give the video tour a look (Thanks to Michael Hicks of the "Mike Does" channel on Youtube for the guest tour) you will see quite a few very cleverly thought-out hacks and repurposing approaches. The decor in this tiny house or tree house is also pretty stunning. If you like funky "flea market chic" and eclecticism then this one might be for you. It's also an Airbnb rental under the name "The Sassafras Treehouse", and it is certainly a place I would love to see in person at some point. Its a no-brainer- this one combines my love of tree houses, tiny houses, and reused and salvaged materials- all of which combine to make this such a unique and attractive build. 

Be sure to check out the very creative Murphy bed, or "Captains Bed" that was custom built for this rental- also the old piano that they turned into an electric fireplace! So many upcycling ideas in this one!