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Friday, May 20, 2022

Our real-deal TINY HOUSE feature film is done! The Debut..

Yes, its true. 

Yes, it took five years of planning, building, filming, and editing to complete. 

YES- Our tiny house film is done and we have now announced our VERY FIRST PUBLIC SCREENING!

Ticket Link:

Aside from our full length feature film you will also get admission to the Fuller Craft Museum, AND get to tour the very house that the film is based on. 

Oh yeah, BOTH directors/builders (myself and Alex Eaves) will be there to do a QnA afterwards. 

Its a GREAT venue- half the proceeds benefit the museum and there will be MANY on hand from the tiny house scene to hang and schmooze with. Come join us! 

Press/questions- ("Attn: Tiny House Movie")