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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

They lived in this INCREDIBLY TINY A FRAME CABIN (Now for sale)

     Not sure I could do it, but there is a certain romance about daydreaming of living in such a small space, or any tiny house for that matter. Regardless, I came across this insanely tiny a-frame cabin on Facebook marketplace and thought it was kind of neat in its simplicity, and possible affordability (the VERY reason I designed a set of A-frame cabin build plans many years back- you can find them at the link below). Check this guest tiny house tour out though, and again, its for sale with the asking price of $8400 USD. It was NOT built to transport on the road with the given trailer, for the record. 

As the listing states- this might make a great hobby or craft space, a cool guest cabin, or even a rental tiny house/cottage for airbnb. Me? I might toss it on a small barge and make a houseboat out of it, or place it in a strong tree house platform. 

PLANS for my "Transforming A-Frame Cabin" are HERE: 

Links to this cabin for sale (while its still for sale)- ALL is on the actual YouTube page for this video- links, specs, etc....