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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Mining a 120 year old home for lumber (for an upcoming Tiny House, Tree House, and a Green House build!)

 Lets face it, lumber is getting "stupid expensive"- in fact its been just as stupid-expensive since April of last year and I'm not sure we're going to see prices go down anytime soon. SO.... word to the wise, salvaging lumber just might be saving your butt AND your wallet for any upcoming projects you have. Furthermore, you might actually be able to make a tidy profit from found architectural salvage and trashed materials as you'll see in this video. Whether its buildings being renovated, dumpstering with permission (most will be more than pleased to let you reduce their dumpster weight), dismantling old buildings, or just finding stuff on the side of the road, it seems that the getting is not only good, but frequent. Keep those eyes and ears open! 

I talk about the value of some of the stuff I found for FREE in this video here. You'll also get to see a bit of a walkthrough on a 120 year old building that was being partially gutted to make way for some new framing and joist work.