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Friday, January 19, 2018

HOW TO floor your DIY Tiny House with FREE Paper Bags!

     Its far simpler, and far more durable than you'd think!
While filming an tour with Gypsy Wagon Builder Terry Stringham at the 2017 Tiny House Festival near St. Augustine Florida, the subject of Paper Bag Flooring (and how to do it) came up.

Terry, who had used that very approach for the flooring of his ultra-light tiny house, then went on to explain all the steps and materials involved- which, again, are surprisingly SIMPLE!

The video explains all:

The materials you'll need: 
-An abundance of paper bags (easy to find)- newspapers and maps work too (we talk about it in the clip)

-Minwax water-based poly-sealant (gloss or satin- your choice)- Here is the link to grab some....

-A brush

-A spray bottle 

And this can all be made with old paper bags which might otherwise be trash to most!


  1. I'm reading Micro Shelters now. My local library has both of your books in their collection. A local businesswoman restored an old school bus as a thrift store on wheels. She calls it Gogo's Retred Threads. She travels to farmers' markets and other events, selling vintage clothing. She used this technique to refinish the floors of her bus.

  2. It sounds great! I hope he show us how to do it because I still can't figure out :(
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