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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tiny Houses and Tree Houses Go "Wayne's World"?

If you haven't seen yet, we're slowly been working on a small pilot series of a show that we've dubbed (for now) "Live From A Tree House".

Yeah, yeah, we know, its not a very profound title, but it DOES explain the gist of it, no?

"Think: The show "Live At Daryl's Place", but in a weird tree house full of whiskey, Iron Maiden posters, and odd yard sale art". That more or less sums it up.

While the show won't aim to be ONLY musical, with its interviews and acoustic performances, we did kick off the first mini-episode with a send-off to the late Chuck Mosley who passed away in early November at the age of 57.

Chuck, the one-time frontman of Faith No More (he recorded two albums with them), later went on to front Bad Brains, and then various other projects, from "Cement" to "Vandals Against Illiteracy".

We were very lucky to have had the chance to film and interview and acoustic session with Chuck and his bandmates a mere 5 weeks before he passed, and I hope you enjoy what we were able to capture.

R.I.P. Charles Henry Mosley III