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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A frame cabin built for only $700 with our plans!

     So just when you thought that a set of getaway cabin plans was already right in your basement budget wheel house (we built ours with mostly new materials for just over $1000), along comes Montana's Alla Ponomareva, who, with her partner, constructed this beauty for only SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS!

Love it! 

Its been making the rounds on Tiny House Swoon, Curbed, Apartment Therapy, Tiny House Talk, and beyond, and due in part to not only her gorgeous color scheme and decor, but Alla's amazing photography!

You can see more of her work at

....AND, we just might be doing a workshop out her way (designing and building a tree house this summer) where you'll get to tour this cabin, AND her tiny house, in person! Stay Tuned!