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Monday, May 8, 2017

Deek's NEW Odd-Travel Channel- (why the heck not?)

So while I'm not going anywhere in regards to tiny houses and tree houses, I also am enamored with "Roadside America", odd tourist attractions, hidden gems, and free things to do. I never really knew where to put these photos and videos I often have shot on my road trips to film those tiny houses you might have seen (over 330 videos now), so I finally figured I'd start another side channel to house these little videos, excursions and "vlog-like road blurbs" (kinda fun to say out loud!)

Its also fun to start new ventures from the ground up and see what, or what doesn't, become of them. Its similar to the excitement of starting a new band with a whole new lineup of ideas and members. Well somewhat....  (and for those who don't know, I front a politically-charged hardcore band too.... 

Sure, there are a TON of channels like this already, and damn good ones, but truth be told, I felt I needed another video outlet, mainly for the fun of it, as tiny house tours are now being done by EVERYONE and their grandmother, and youtube-wise, its almost getting played out (to death). It seems there is a new "Tiny House ________" channel every other week as of the last year or so, run by some young, cute, tech savvy, $8.00 coffee drinking, hipster who seems to not even know all that much about tiny houses or design- and thats cool, really, but its served to not only spread the scene, but dilute it in a way as well. I've seen some great new channels and videos, and I've also seen some total crap- but perhaps we're ALL guilty of that at times. So while I'll keep traveling and filming tiny dwellings, tree houses, and houseboats, I'll also be on the lookout for roadside oddities.

"ODDUsa" is the name of the channel, and if you'd be so kind, you can subscribe at this link....

As of now, we have a whopping 26 subscribers! ("Look Ma! Top of the world!")
"RelaxshacksDOTcom", my other channel has 130,000-

Family Friendly (mostly) Funky Finds and "Fings" to do- that's the basic idea. None of this will go viral, but again, I'll have a good time doing it when I have the time, and it'll serve to hone by editing and shooting skills for another project I have in mind down the road. You'll see....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen