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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiny House Art Gallery- Weird Tiny House Art AND more from Deek....

So, those videos you see on youtube on my channel, well, A LOT of the art in the builds I create are pieces I do myself. In fact, the art studio where I do them (a revamped store front in my downtown center that I was sick of seeing empty) will be the site for a future workshop on Tiny House Building, Maker Skills, and MORE- July 25th-26th. We'll have an official sign up soon, with a link to register, but meanwhile, if interested, email us at It'll be limited to 15 attendees. MORE DETAILS HERE! 

Don't snooze on this one! Live building, a tiny house tour, guest speakers, live demos, and more!


Anyway, here's a tiny house piece (BELOW) on canvas I recently did- an abstract "tiny house village" or "Tiny house community". This one is for sale- $120.

Below I also have some other tiny house-like pieces I've done- and yes, I DO custom pieces if you're ever looking.

 Above: SOLD
ABOVE: This one, on wood, is still for sale- 3' long approx. $300

Be sure to check out my NEW book through lots of funky art and weird shelters, tiny houses, small homes, cabins, forts, and tree houses!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen