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Monday, May 18, 2015

FREE! Check out this tiny art studio cabin WE BUILT in CT!

This small and colorful artist studio cabin (a mere 7' by 10') was built in just three days at our hands-on tiny house building workshop. 

First off, I'm here, I'm alive.... I've just been REALLY, REALLY busy traveling, building, designing, and painting for workshops, galleries, and more. Just this year alone my brother Dustin and I have done builds or workshops in St. Louis, Providence, RI, Vermont, and Sydney, Australia, AND I've opened up a new gallery in an abandoned storefront, built several structures for clients, am working on a charity/fundraiser cabin for the cub scouts, and more! Oh yeah, we head off to Fargo, North Dakota soon too, to do a build/working inside the super-cool Ecce Art Gallery as part of the "Misfit Conference".

And Did I mentioned I have a new book called "Microshelter" coming out through Storey Press in September? 
You can check it out/pre-order it HERE: 

Anyway, as part of a recent (sold out!) Tiny House Building/Design Workshop in Putnam, CT, we built and designed a small art studio cabin INSIDE a really cool space called The Empty Spaces Gallery. This gallery, and the people that run it, are fantastic. The town of Putnam, CT is equally as fantastic- antique shops, a comic book store(!), great restaurants, beautiful falls, tons of public art, a caboose-turned-museum, and more!

To cut to the chase, this gallery, and the funky cabin we built is FREE to check out! So take advantage while your can. The cabin will be on display for another month or so, and the art that surrounds it is just kick-ass as well! I've include some photos I took of the gallery and its art below.

So, get off yer butt, and head on down to check out some wild art, AND a tiny house-like cabin- all for no admission charge at the ESP on Main St.

For more on The Empty Spaces Project, head to:

by Jonathan Fritz 
Photo by Paul Toussaint 

Art piece I did (of a few on display)- by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

by Maltee Sinanan 

INSIDE the little art studio cabin- more photos to come!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen