joshua tree workshop 2018

Monday, September 29, 2014


So, I haven't even really officially posted the details on this one, and because of our track record (close to TEN workshops in the past since 2010- all of which have sold out), this one's ALREADY ALMOST SOLD OUT! Crazy! I think we just have 5 spots left… if this one closes, we MAY have to figure out another 2nd class weekend/date too- we'll see….

Its going to be fully hands-on, and we're going to collectively work on and design one, if not two, tiny cabins- both on a great chunk of wooded land in Waltham, MA- VERY close to Boston, MA.

Like all our other workshops, aside from ACTUAL HANDS-ON BUILDING, we'll have guest speakers, some demos, I'll give a slide show on salvage work and ideas (how to save A LOT of money when building any home, office, or vacation cabin), and we'll also be working with a friend of mine who has done quite a bit of building for tv- Jim Shippey. He's helped with workshops in the past with us as well.

My brother Dustin "Dr. Demolition Diedricksen" will be part of this too!

TEACHER to student ratio is roughly FOUR to ONE- which is unheard of! We're trying to cap this at around 15 or so students too….

Guest builders/speakers/helpers…

Aside from main hosts DEREK "DEEK" DIEDRICKSEN and his brother DUSTIN, and JIM SHIPPEY….

PALO COLEMAN- Jack Of All Trades- He'll give a bamboo building and joinery demo, which we'll also be filming for our youtube channel.

KARI COOPER- "Yurt Girl"- there to answer your yurt questions, and she'll be heading up an icebreaking demo on building with pallet wood, where you'll get to build a chair, and perhaps a few other things.

MARTY SKRELUNAS- CT architect- he'll be there to answer your questions, and perhaps do a short demo on reglazing windows, among other things….

AMY HENION- She'll be joining us again to talk about her methods in striving towards a simpler life- "how to downsize"

HOURS: 20 contact hours overall
Saturday October 25th- 9am to LATE (campfire discussions, Pizza party social, and more)
Sunday October 26th- 9am to 5pm approx.


So don't wait! Before I have a chance to set up all the html plugs and buttons for a sign up link, if you want in, you can simple send the registration of $265 to the paypal id ""

If you want to pay by check, you can do so too, but email me through "Derek Diedricksen" on facebook… thanks!

This workshop is only three weeks away, so if you can't make it, you payment will be good/transferred to another workshop- don't worry. We're too close to this for refunds, but I will give you course credit, good for any other class/classes we do. S0 make sure you can make it before you register- simple as that!

Note: Gatecrashers will be cut into timber and incorporated into the build