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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super-Cheapo Solar Beach/Camping Shower (10+ minute hot shower with the Sun's Heat!)

I've made something similar before, and they work very well. Here's a hanging double-bucket shower that Steven Harrell of made…. and for very little money. Something like this might be a great supplemental addition to a tiny house, vacation cabin, or beach house/cottage.

Check it out!

Steven will also be making one of these in a demo, AND showing people how to make a small, affordable rocket stove at my "Tiny House Summer Camp 2" workshop coming up- August 15th-18th in Orleans, VT.

WE JUST HAD TWO SLOTS OPEN UP, so if interested, email me at kidcedar at

Here's more info on the workshop too…. which is LOADED with DEMOS, SPEAKERS, and FOUR group builds!!!! 


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