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Friday, December 6, 2013

Tiny House n' Shed Compound In New England- Three Micro Cottages on a Mountain

Our Next Workshop- Hands-On Building and Design, OFF GRID, in NC- April 2014.... keep a look out for more details, or email me at kidcedar at to save a spot.... We already have some AWESOME guest builders, authors, bloggers, and designers locked in- just you wait! 3 days, with camping! We'll be setting up a Yurt on the premises too! 

Dustin and I recently embarked on a photo and video road trip through New England- "9 videos, 6 cabins, 3 states, 2 days, 43 cups of coffee", as I mentioned in a previous post. Out VERY FIRST stop, up in South Londonderry, VT was Domenic Mangano's "Jamaica Cottage Shop", and man oh man, was his spread impressive- something like 20+ sheds, cottages, cabins, and more. We did shoot some videos, and took a heck of a lot of photos for my next book (a follow-up to "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks") which you will see soon.

Anyway, this is a nearby cabin compound that we unfortunately DID NOT have time to see, which bums me out to no end- check out these photos Dom sent!

      "This set up is owned by an older couple from the city", said Jamaica Cottage Shop owner Domenic Mangano, 
     "The woman, one of two owners wanted a very rustic look- all wood, lots of angles, very earthy. She is very distinguished, proper in a likable way, and very down to earth. She stated, early on, that she would not come up to this beautiful land they own, set high on a hillside in Vermont, unless there were some amenities present. As a result, each cottage is set with a varying degree of comfort. One is simply a cold shed with a wood stove, another is much more sealed up with minimal insulation, a direct vent wall mounted gas heater with a thermostat, and the last one is set up with a composting toilet. All in all, they're almost set up as his and hers and unisex cottages."

Deek: I haven't gotten any interior shots yet from Dom, but hope to! 

Hopefully we have more photos of this place soon, so keep checkin' back! 

And with the holidays coming, if you haven't checked out my DIY, tiny cabin, house, and shelter concept book, its LOADED with ideas....