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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A GREAT Tiny House Modern Kitchen in "The 227 House"- and MORE....

This 227 Square Foot Modern House, located in Western Massachusetts was something I had a chance to visit just the other weekend, and was it ever filled with some great design ideas! I have a TON of photos coming soon, AND a video tour (two actually), but wanted to share with you this simple tiny house kitchen (among a few other shots of this tiny house's interior). I love the colors, the open feel of the place, the use of simple plywood wall cladding, and the shelving layout here. There are quite a few ideas to be gleaned from this one photo.

All photos by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

This house, designed by students at the Yestermorrow Design School in Warren, VT, features a 5' by 6' wet bath and composting toilet set-up, 10' ceilings at its one-pitch peak, and a decent bit of clever storage.

Above: Threaded rods hold up the open-display kitchen shelving

This bookshelf is slightly inset into the wall cavity to save space

An Ikea double-folding table, with storage drawers

Custom hardware for the bathroom's sliding wall/door

Again, there's a video tour of this on the way soon....

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