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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company- Boulder, CO Workshop Recap (Before The Storm)

First off, having left Boulder, Colorado a mere two days before the flooding and devastation began, its been sad to hear of how bad things have been out there and I hope all are well and safe in the wake of all the mayhem that region has been dealing with. Just the other weekend I taught a tiny house building/design workshop for Tumbleweed, and had an absolute great time out there, in a town, and area, that is absolutely beautiful- this made the recent news of the floods all that more vivid and shocking....I was JUST THERE....

I just wanted to post a heartfelt thank you to the amazing group of around fifty people we had at the workshop- a class where I had the chance to introduce a new, in-the-flesh, framing demonstration, which I had a lot of fun doing. The workshop was loaded with some very friendly and talented folks as well, and big thanks goes out to Justin, who brought his own self-designed tiny house out to share, and to Dave, who is in the process of building a Tumbleweed right now. Good people, good questions, good conversations....and again, I hope you're all ok!

Boulder, thanks for a great workshop, and hang in there- you're in our thoughts. 

Boulder is my last scheduled Tumbleweed workshop for 2013, but I hope to hit (or re-hit) a few cities in 2014- Chicago perhaps, Nashville, and who knows where else....(usually cities with a great reputation for live music, if you haven't noticed a pattern)
'Hope to see some of you on the road! 

Also, I have a workshop of my own on November 15-17th in Canton, MA- its a fully hands-on workshop where we'll be building and designing one, or possibly TWO, small cabins, and hearing from many great guest speakers, builders, and bloggers. You'll see SIX of my shelters and cabins, AND tour Jay's VERY FIRST TUMBLEWEED TINY HOUSE. Its a pretty intensive, but VERY fun, course, with camping on the premises too. For more information, here's the link....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen