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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Shroom Room? A Tiny, $300, Cabin in Vermont- updated....

     From this angle my little cabin in the woods DOES somewhat resemble a mushroom, with its top heavy, large-overhang roof n' all....and you thought this post had something to do with drugs!? tisk, tisk.

     I trekked up to Vermont with a faction of the family the other week and completed a little more work on this cabin, one that we started (one of TWO) at a workshop I held and hosted last year.
     We DO have another hands-on building and design workshop on the way! Its November 15-17, with camping options, and its going to be very fun! I can't wait! We keep the group limited in size too, so if interested, don't wait too long! Here's the link-

Back on this cabin, we re-tweaked an old free closet door for its exterior door- which will work. The overhang is VERY generous so I don't have to worry about water AS MUCH, I coated the door three times with some good exterior paint, and the thing was very solid (a salvaged freebie with its hinges intact) to start with. I also cut out two of the panels, inset some free tongue and groove scrap cedar, and installed one of those "Pet Peek" domed windows I mentioned in another recent post. to check them out. I've installed about three of these so far (it takes about ten minutes) and I really, really like 'em! I feel it gives my door a "Jules Verne" vibe too.

Oh yeah, the "slime green" paint- leftover from my work on another cabin, "The Cub", and it was a gallon I got for $5.00 as a mistake mix at Home Depot.

 A deck and a mini fire-pit by the glacial erratic boulder will eventually be added too!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen