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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Deek's Crappy Shed becomes a MODERN ROCK-ROOM/Man Cave

TINY HOUSE NEWS-WISE, before you read on...
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Here's what the shed initially looked like- a MESS, post-many workshops and moves.....embarrassing, but my time has been VERY scarce lately with so many projects, travel for Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops, and more (and the winter kept me from getting much done here in New England!)

 Well, we had a film crew from NYC out this past weekend to shoot an episode on scrap/trash/recycled-material makeovers- this makeover being my own shed which I've been meaning to clean out, and I was allowed to pick my own team/crew....they were:

Dustin "Lurch" Diedricksen- my brother- a no brainer, as he works we me on a good chunk of the projects I undertake, and co-teaches at all my building workshops.

Jim Shippey- from the band Nullset, and old friend from the Boston rock scene- and a handy/comical guy

Max "Damage" Macleod - 6' 9" 350 lbs- in charge of general hauling and demolition. Max lived across the street from me where I grew up in Madison, CT.

Dave Fuller- Painter, Carpenter, all around hard workin' dude...

Well, in two days, and with countless cups of coffee, and buckets of paint, forklift pallets, and a good deal of scrap and salvage items from curbs, AND a few goods from TMC Scrap Metal/Salvage on the Avon/Brockton, MA line (what good guys! A shout to Ralph Greenberg!), we managed to "get 'er done"!

Anyway, you saw what the shed intially looked like above.....and afterwards....

THE BREAKDOWN.... total spent was around $400
-Orange Coffee Table- a formerly broken picnic table- FREE
-Drumset- a cocktail, space-saving stand up kit from Peace Drums- LOVE THAT THING! It sounds GREAT! I already owned it.
-$70 Ikea mini armchair
-$70 Rug
-Pallet wall hangings/shelving (more details to come in another post)- FREE (with some loose/scrounged nails that we used)
-4 Gallons of Behr Paint (yikes!)- $120 or so (LOVE this stuff though)
-Skylight- 4' by 4'- FREE- salvaged. It brings a TON of light into this space.
-Other pallets and wood trim- all salvaged and free
-Various cans of Rustoleum spray paint (the "2x coat" version- love it!)
-Other decorations- I already owned them- most were procured from yard sales- VERY INEXPENSIVELY.
-Plywood- already had it.
-Screws/Nails- $20
-Perfection heater (for decoration)- $20
-Hubcap- Pontiac- FREE from a scrap yard....

I might be building a tiny composting bathroom into it down the road too, for use in my building workshops. This room can serve as a break room for attendees as well. Insulation would be another phase down the road too.

WHERE DID ALL YOUR STUFF GO??? As for all the stuff that was in there!? I have a shed alcove to the side of this one, no walls, but roofed, which I'm working on reorganizing as well. This remodel also served as a good excuse for me to sort out LOTS of future yard sale and flea market stuff, so that I can downsize, and with other items of significant value- I can sell on craigslist.
    Oh yeah, some of the stuff you saw in the first photo was USED in the remodel- the plywood, for instance....and some of the paints, wood, and so on.

Again, since people ALWAYS ask- the drum set- (their "Manhattan Cocktail Kit")

 Above: "The Voodoo Owl" making its cameo once again- its appeared (hidden in some cases) in MANY of my "Tiny Yellow House" youtube show episodes.....which you can check out

A Perfection Kerosene/Oil Heater from TMC Scrap- for $20!!!

MORE photos to come of the pallet wood projects you DON'T see in these photos......

Also, a BRAND NEW book is well in the works! More on that soon! And check out my "old" is right here. Thanks so much!