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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"The Vision Hut" Guest House/Music Hut at Ancient Oaks...

 I received a great email from Dr. Bruce Damer yesterday, a reader of this blog, who wanted to send me a photo update of a great little cabin that had been completed on his property. Its called "The Vision Hut", and I was instantly grabbed by the large circular windows it harbors ("expensive, and they took forever to arrive", said Bruce).

Here's his email...

Hey Deek,
As requested for your next book, here are some more photos of a tiny hut which we built on our hillside overlooking a redwood forested valley here in northern Cal. Its under 120 sq ft and has served as PhD thesis writing pad, hangout zone, overnight guest bedroom, yoga and music studio and its just a wonderful place to watch green sunsets across the redwood valley here. 


If you have a chance, check out Bruce's website he's quite an eclectic, and interesting, guy!  

Also, check out our NEW Tiny House Facebook Page! We'll have some more giveaways up real soon too, so click "like", if interested, and we'll have several chances forthcoming. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen