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Sunday, January 6, 2013

THIRTEEN Tiny Dream Log Cabins- AND a floating log home!


Rustic old log cabin from

     Over the last few months I've had many different readers send in photos of log cabins that they've seen, found, or own. More recently, Steven Harrell (who I'm co-hosting the April, hands-on, three day, tiny house building workshop with (Wilmington, NC)) posted a super cool TINY LOG CABIN HOUSEBOAT on his site (A steal at $12,000.00- If I only had a pond!), and that served as a reminder for me to post up some of these photos. That log cabin, is far below in the gallery too.

Check out info on that upcoming TINY HOUSE WORKSHOP- with MANY guest speakers, builders, and bloggers....HERE....

While they are only exterior shots, there's still a lot to be learned from them in style and form, so check 'em out, enjoy, and may they spark some inspiration in you!

PS- I also have a "Log Cabin In The Vermont Woods" video coming soon as well.....AND another on The Whittled Down Caravan- a DIY-built Gypsy Wagon/tiny dwelling on wheels that made a guest appearance at our last building workshop.

1974- The Emma Brook Log Cabin in Nebraska

The "Dreamstime" log/slab cabin
From a log cabin of a more ramshackle variety
A modern log cabin from Mimi Zeiger's "Micro Green" book
THE log cabin from "One Man's Wilderness"
Benton, Illinois ultra-tiny log cabin
Cordwood Log Cabin from
Zane Grey's Log Cabin
Uncle Bob's Log Cabin in Vermont (site, and bunk-spot for our last Tiny House Building Workshop)

From very nice looking floating log home- there's more on it over at here's the specific link.... CLICK HERE....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen