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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

North Carolina Workshop Announced! SIGN UP DETAILS...

HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshop with DIY Network Host, Author, Designer, Builder, and Blogger Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

We're talking almost 35-40 hours of contact, building, demos, networking, and MORE! 
It looks like we'll ALSO have a tiny house on wheels visiting us, courtesy of 
TENNESSEE TINY HOMES! We're excited to meet builder Joe, and see what he's done! 

Want to learn how to build a tiny house/cabin? Better yet, want to build one?? 
 Here's your chance, and we're limiting this workshop to only 25 total, so as to keep it intimate. Sign up details are below....

A $120+ Value!

Plans for The Sonoma Shanty Cabin from Kent Griswold!
6 months of Kent's Tiny House Magazine
Lloyd Kahn's AWESOME BOOK "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter"
Tiny House plan sets from
DON VARDO/gypsy wagon plans from Dee Williams and the P.A.D. Crew!
Plans for The Darrington Cabin....the one we'll all be building
and more......
Its $120+ worth of door gifts for just signing up!

We'll also be giving away a few copies of my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" leading up to this

Deek in his off-grid Vermont cabin, which he started building at Age 21. 

 Above: "The Light Box" a tiny/micro trailer house we all built at our last workshop....

 April 26th-28th- Tiny House-Building Workshop #4

I never planned on doing many of these, but the first three I did were so much fun and all of them sold out, so I figured, why not do one somewhere warmer?

So North Carolina it is!
Wilmington, NC, to be precise... 

 This workshop will be a team up with Steven Harrell of and - a THREE DAY, HANDS-ON, WORKSHOP where we'll collectively build a tiny house! This will be another workshop that will be limited in size, so as to keep it intimate- 25 people or so is the maximum, so if interested, you might not want to wait too long on this. $399 for the three day event. Some food, snacks, coffee, materials, workbooks, and more, are all included.


  -Kent Griswold of (making the trek from CA)
-Alex Pino (FL)- To Discuss Downsizing Techniques (from
-Laura LaVoie- Tiny House Dweller and Builder
-Steven Harrell- co/hosting, and the man behind and
and JUST ADDED.... 
Dustin Diedricksen- Environmental Engineer, Small House Dweller, Tiny House Builder.....
Andrew Odom- Builder/Dweller/Blogger-
Ryan Mitchell- Builder and 
and we might STILL have more!~  

-Campfire discussions at night
-Pizza Party/Cocktail meet n' greet/networking hang-out
-Salvage Construction Demonstrations
-How to Save THOUSANDS While Building Your Own Tiny House
-What NOT to do when building and designing your own tiny home....
-Tricks Of The Trade and Techniques
-Tool Safety, Selection, and "Old School Tools" (Tools Deek still uses on off grid jobs)
-Designing and tips for space efficiency
-Alternative Building Techniques And Approaches

These are just some of the things we'll be covering as we all collectively build and design a tiny house/guest house.

Below is one of the potential designs we may be tackling this time- its simple, and only about 100 square feet in size, but still incorporates a large array of the techniques you'll want experience with, from framing, leveling, and joist laying, to cutting bird mouth notches, insulating, window and door installation, and more! The flyer far above shows a more updated idea/plan....

 Or....Another possibility....

While we have room left....
email deek- for info on check/mo's
Deek's Bio:
Derek "Deek" Diedricksen hosts the DIY Building program "Tiny Yellow House" on youtube, and the forthcoming program "Creative Spaces" for The DIY Network. Aside from being author of the bestselling how-to/design book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", his work has appeared in several other books, and the NY Times (twice), Boston Globe,, The Seattle Times, Treehugger,com,, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, The Miami Sun, NPR, CBS, PBS, ABC, The History Channel, Spaces TV, The Boston Herald,, TinyHouseBlog, Playboy Magazine Online, and beyond. Derek also teaches building workshops nationwide for The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and built his very first cabin at the age of 10- one with heat, insulation, a bunk bed, and electricity. 
"The Gypsy Junker" an example of Deek's Salvaged/Free-Material Work....
kidcedar at for questions, interviews/press

Signing up/Cancelations: If it turns out you can't make the workshop, and give us one month's notice, we'll refund you all your money- after that, you'll instead be credited with admission to any other workshop we have (and we will have more) in the future. If we have to cancel for any unseen reason, you'll obviously get all your money back.