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Monday, September 24, 2012

And ANOTHER CABIN/Tiny House you'll see at our Workshop in MA!

 ...and it just keeps getting better! Aside from recently confirming the add of speaker/tiny house addict Steven Harrell from and (coming all the way from North Carolina), I'm also working 'round the clock to spruce up the workshop grounds, AND to re-assemble this little cabin that I built for a show on The History Channel. By the time I'm done, it'll look SIGNIFICANTLY different than what you saw on tv.

Also, if you're hemming and hawing about signing up, we STILL might have one more speaking guest, AND, we only have a couple slots left (we're trying to cap it off at 20 or so people to keep it small and hands-on). Kidcedar at gmail dot com for more info.

Also, and I'll post it soon, myself and Sage Radachowsky were just featured in a US NEWS and piece that has brought a TON of traffic to this site, some great attention to the movement, and has re-launched my book to the #1 ranked carpentry book on all of Wow..... the book was #1,900 of ALL BOOKS worldwide yesterday too....thanks to all who have checked out "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen