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Monday, August 20, 2012

Greg Crawford's Super-Cool Mud/Cob House In The Woods

Check out this new video from the "Peak Moment" series- its a little long, and I wish it focused more on the scenery/interiors, but its a worthwhile video, on a great little free-form, tiny cabin/house. Greg, who lives in this house half of each year (while traveling the other half), made this home from almost ALL recycled materials, and comes off as a well spoken guy- someone who'd be interesting to have a few beers with, while chatting about anything.

Recycled materials...YUP, we'll be teaching and showing you how to employ them into a tiny house build (one YOU will help create) at our next Tiny House-Building Workshop on Nov 2-4 just outside Boston, MA. We'll have many Guest Speakers, lots of building, campfire discussions at night, tiny house/project/shelter tours, AND we'll visit the very first built Tumbleweed Tiny House as well! CLICK HERE FOR INFO!

 Above- Gregory, in front of his earthen home/tiny dwelling in Washington state...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen