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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Three Killer Tiny House, Camper, Micro-Home, Cabin Videos/Tours

As always, I try to spare you the hours of wading through terrible youtube videos (which I do), and bring you only the ones I feel are pretty exceptional- as are these: A tiny, micro-camper, built for motorcycles; the transforming "Habitaflex" pre-fabricated home (almost like an rv); and my very favorite feature from Kirsten Dirksen of a video on a tiny cube shelter, with some VERY clever space usage. Enjoy.

     And yeah, for those who have emailed- more info is coming soon on "" Tiny House Building Workshop" (another hands-on one) #2- It looks like November 2nd weekend might be what we're looking at. I'll soon begin work on some guest speakers, and plans for the collective build we'll be involved with- an A-frame? An A-frame in a tree/treehouse, rebuilding the "All Eights Micro Cabin" that was featured on The History Channel? Who knows..... We're definitely doing another Tiny House Summer Camp in 2013 too- don't worry. I hope to get Bill "Workhorse" Rockhill and "Bill 2" onboard once again. We'll have more photos from last weekends workshop up soon! kidcedar at gmail dot com for more info.

And def. be sure to check out the Rockhill's Workworking Compound at 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen