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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drew Heath's ZIG ZAG Micro-Modern Cabin/Camp in the Australian Outback

The Zig Zag Cabin was built and designed by Australian architect Drew Heath- originally as a mere sketch on a beer coaster (I can relate- my entire Vermont cabin's plans amount to a doodle on a Wendy's napkin!).
     Located in the Australian Outback, and perched high on a steep slope of land, the "Zig Zag" makes use of a wide variety of windows (a perfect project/approach for salvage-construction afficionados), an array of painted plywood panels, and a employs a tiny little sleep loft- one, I'd imagine, with an incredible view through the multitude of windows!
    In 2007, this house was for sale at an asking price of $270,000AUS (100 acres included)- although I can't find if it ever did sell. Still, what a cool little place! Its bathroom is a nearby composting toilet set-up down a trail, and a rain collection system provides some of its needed water- for bathing I'd imagine.

269 Square Feet- it cost $20,000 to build....

     I just wish this place wasn't so far away! I'd LOVE to visit...
With "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" now out, and doing real well, I've been very busy shooting new tiny houses and structures for yet another book down the road. 
Might be headed to the North Shore of Massachusetts to shoot a few things soon...
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen