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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The top ten best outdoor, camp, and beach shower set-ups (for your tiny house/cabin/camp?)

 THE TEN BEST OUTDOOR SHOWERS- a photographic collection....

     I'm a big fan of summer showers outdoors. A BIG fan. I grew up with access to a small Cape Cod-style beach cottage my grandparents had (see a relaxshacksDOTcom channel video I shot), and since as long as I can remember, there was nothing more relaxing than sitting out next to their garage, atop a giant piece of slate, as I pruned myself under a hot shower....well, until my grandfather banged on the kitchen window ("You're using up all the water. Its expensive!") and turned the hot water off (the knob was under the sink) on me.

These day I even have a passive solar shower in my backyard, made from a curb-found well tank, painted flat black, so I suppose the love for these outdoor showers hasn't left me. Yes, I use it (with a bathing suit on! Don't get scared).

     In many cases, with ultra tiny homes, especially in temperate climates, these type showers (well, not the ones shown, I'm talking less pricey, less fancy, ones) could be the space-saving, and money saving answer you're looking for. Granted, where I live in Massachusetts (it was 9 degrees out yesterday) this might not be an all season route you want to pursue. Regardless, I hope you get some design and inspiration, or just "kicks", from the exceptional showers. 

I was also inspired to do this post from a book I recently picked up titled "THE OUTDOOR SHOWER" by Ethan Fierro. If daydream landscapes and unique takes on outdoor showers are your thing, this book has quite a few ideas, and some great photos too.

And Yup, I have some solar shower stuff in that new version of my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- which you can check out on by clicking HERE. Thanks, in advance, should you choose to pick up a copy.  -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Here's a link to the Fierro "Showers" book too....