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Thursday, October 20, 2011

File under "W" for WOW! "My Cool Caravan" eye-dazzling book that explores teardrop. camper, and classic rv living

 "My Cool Caravan" (check awesome site) is one of the the best tiny living/tiny housing books I've seen in some time, and ranks up there with my more-current favorites, including Mimi Zeiger's "Micro-Green", and "Shedworking" from Alex Johnson- all of which are downright dazzling in their array of high-end, color photos. If I didn't own these three already, my December letter would read...

 Dear Santa,
    Listen, could you nix the fruitcake, coal, and lousy JC Penney-style desk-top organizer gifts this year and give me three certain books I've been craving. Its the least you could do, especially after you failed to make good on the retro pogoball I asked for last year. And would it kill you to leave me some DeWalt tools? Also, please lay low on the "Chia" gifts this Christmas, I have a jungle of them already.
Anyway, I'd highly recommend any of these (and naturally MY OWN book (borderline shameless, but it IS an exact culmination of everything I personally dig, like, and respect in tiny house design). There are links for each below, but first, a couple of AMAZING photos from My Cool Caravan, this way, even if you don't pick up the book, or were about to yawn out "Oh Christ, its another book review entry"- you're at least given some cool photos below to gawk at, and perhaps gain inspiration from.

Oh yeah, even better news, a book "My Cool CAMPERVAN" is also in the works (or out by now, depending). I can't wait. Note: the cover, layout, and paper quality of the "CARAVAN" book is superb- here's an instance where I just don't think the Kindle version will be up to par. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to books, and will probably shout my love for the power of the printed word, until they're shoveling dirt onto my casket. I have no prob with downloadable books (except for the amount of lead in the soldering that goes into their production, and then ends up in landfills (and then our drinking water), but they're just not grabbing my allegiance yet. Printed books, yes, do have their many negative points too.

SAME BOOK (this is the actual cover) in the very next link above....only $11.53

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen