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Monday, October 10, 2011

Drumsets/Drums for TINY HOUSE dwellers? It is possible?

"The Manhattan"- a Cocktail Drum Kit made by PEACE Drums and Percussion
If I could somehow find a way to incorporate all of my main interests into this blog and my "Tiny Yellow House" video series/show on youtube, I would- but somehow Tiny housing/micro-architecture, horror/zombie movies, beer, and drumming don't all gel so well together- it'd make for some long, confusing, domain name too.

However, once in awhile, I will find a fitting way to sneak some drum-related things into my blog and videos, and I find this one damn fitting and worthy of a post, EVEN for some of the non-drummers out there. This is a very creative twist on traditional drum kits- and its PERFECT for those with not so much space to burn (like myself), and the reason I'm sharing....

I just ordered this cool little cocktail kit to try out from Peace Drums, and man oh man, I LOVE IT! While a normal drumset, even on the smallest side, would take up an area 7' by 7' feet or so, this little Peace Drums "Manhattan Kit" takes up a miniscule FOUR SQUARE FEET. Yes, it has a "bass drum" with a pedal too.
     Granted, hand drums like doumbeks, djembes and bongos would take up even less space, but so far as a full "kit" goes, this is as small as it gets. This kit is built like a tank too- which, as I hit pretty hard, is a MUST.

I'll be shooting a mini demo video soon too.....showing how this little kit works, its reverse cam bass drum pedal, and talking about a little of the history behind cocktail drums- which is actually pretty rebelious and interesting in origin. Soon.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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