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Friday, September 30, 2011

These tiny houses/inn rooms are just "Too Cool".....

....and a little too transparent too, but hey, ya' can't win 'em all!
     Thanks to Johnny Lloyd Rollins for sharing this one on our facebook tiny housing group (you can join through the icon/link in the righthand column). These, obviously in cold climates in particular, would make for some great high-end, and modern, micro houses or vacation camps/homes.

Want to watch the Northern Lights in Finland from a heater/insulated igloo?? (Well, start saving, I'd imagine!)

These glowing, glorious igloos are the centerpiece of Kakslauttanen, Finland's Igloo Village. They do everything to keep you warm and pampered while offering a breathtaking view of the Northern sky. Each igloo is equipped with thermal glass, which keeps the view clear even in sub-zero temperatures. (from )

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. The looking OUT part is cool, but I'd worry about those looking IN! I'd feel as though I was living in a goldfish bowl with all those neighbors around!

  2. I think once you turn off the lights you would become almost invisible....

  3. yeah, I'd imagine that with the lights out you wouldn't be so visible. Also, from some of the Gizmodo shots, it looks like there is another section of these- although they don't show it fully- just what looks like a front door shot showing a hint of possibly another, more private space. not sure....