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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nicky's Super Bad-Ass Caravan/Tiny Home in Germany (and her ClickClackGorilla Dumpster Diving Blog)

Just a Tiny House "Eye Candy" shot tonight (from Nicolette and her kick-butt caravan over at, as I just got back from band rehearsal, after a long day of working on "The Krunk Bunk" in preparation for a Make Magazine shoot for "Tiny Yellow House" this friday. I'm dead tired. Speaking of which, we've slowly been piecing together an episode on the very caravan in this photo- can't wait to share it down the road!

 Reportedly, she only put $1200.00 into rehabilitating and decorating/furnishing this entire place (and I believe that INCLUDES the once-beaten caravan she rescued and dragged from a farm lot.

     Anyway, off to vegetate and read some more of "Living At The End of Time" a book I picked up criminally cheap- by Littleton, MA author "John Hanson Mitchell"- its a GREAT book (a modern take on Thoreau, of sorts), and I'm tearing through it. I'll actually be speaking with John at Walden Woods for a Tiny House segment/session they're holding- September 10th, from what I've been told.

I picked up his book not even knowing/realizing this and thinking "Wow, this sounds like it could be an interesting read, oh, and he's a local guy too...". Glad I grabbed a copy.

To some, sorry for so many book reviews lately, I'm just a TOTAL bookworm, and ALWAYS reading, so its hard to help it...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen