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Friday, April 8, 2011

A $7800 houseboat/floating home for sale (or the world's bulkiest road camper!)

Thanks to Jared Crane for sending this one in....and sorry for the lack of a post yesterday- my computer's been down and I was in the recording studio with my band the majority of the evening (Age Against The Machine (Rage Tribute Act and Originals))- we just did a tune for the NHL/Boston Bruins....and a few others...
....I'm also gearing up for the Baltimore trip for 2-3 shoots for "Tiny Yellow House" TV on youtube....a treehouse by Dan Wright of, a shoot of the "Camp Camp" festival downtown which I've been asked to set up a micro-housing/shelter exhibit at, and one other....again, anyone looking to get their name and business out there to MANY people, we need some small ads to make these things keep happening (kid cedar at gmail dot com)- Hell, just the gas and tolls alone on this road trip will set us back a few hundred bucks....yeowch! We're lookin' forward to this one though- I love Baltimore, and haven't been there in 5-6 years now....

As for the houseboat...If I had the loot, and lived out there, this seems to have alot of potential- even as a dry-docked land cabin or tiny house/home.....not sure on how the woodstove and its required clearances would work though- looks like a total fire hazard....

Footprint 32' long x 12' wide. 14'4" high.
Houseboats are no longer welcome at the local marinas, but this charming floating home would do very well in a lake or pond, or on land as a poolhouse, guesthouse, art studio or ?. It is complete with a living room, office study, kitchen and composting toilet on the ground floor, and a bedroom, loft, shower room and balcony above. The stove, refrigerator, water heater, and composting toilet are near new. The construction is cedar and the bottom is fiberglassed. Let your imagination run wild! $ 7,800. Call for a delivery cost estimate.
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen