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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deek’s Art (“Tiny Yellow House” more episodes a’comin’ (fund raising))

               We’ll explain the weird art further below….(and don’t “click for gallery”- that comes later…)
"Cyclopian Squibble" (or who knows- I just pulled that title out of my 'you know what'....
Well….looks like later this week, as mentioned, we SHOULD have that Tiny Tumbleweed House Episode ready to post on my youtube channel (RelaxshacksDOTcom) for you guys
AND….looks like FRIDAY- Make Magazine will air our next “Tiny Yellow House” Make-Mag tutorial episode- this clip is a how-to on a deck chair I built for $0.89! One so strong that we lowered a Mercedes on it and it wouldn’t break (until take #2- which is the one you see in the video). The chair actually held up the entire car and started knocking it off its hydraulic lift- which we’ll eventually show too when we later air a longer, uncut run of the episode.
In the meantime (this is post #2 of the day- so sorry this is less tiny house/architecture oriented- see the other post below) as we’re planning on some HUGE things for “Tiny Yellow House” TV- some of which might require airline travel, a better budget, crew, and more. Anyway, before we eventually try our hand at to gather some funds for a series of 4 or so new episodes, I’m also going to start offering some “fund raising” art up for sale. The proceeds from any of these sales will be funneling into simply shooting more episodes of the show….
As for the art….(some far-out stuff, not for all, but it MIGHT be right up YOUR alley…)
“Cyclopian Squibble” (shown way above)- $300 (buyer pays shipping)  Salvaged/recycled art- approx. 18″ by 3′ in size- on 3/4 plywood, with Brazilian hardwood (flooring leftovers) as trim, and milk caps/screws/plastic incorporated. Done in thick ink…. it took MANY coats of paint to get that bright orange, and a very decent amount of time to take for something rather simple.
THE FOLD DOWN FORT- is also for sale- mixed-recycled media. $600 (buyer pays shipping). Its pretty huge- 2.5′ wide, by 4′ high. Check the pictures AND the video below (its now seen OVER 50,000 views). We built this for Make Magazine and their online TV show. The funds from this would very much so help the funding of another project, materials, and episode….which we certainly could use to keep this whole thing going more frequently.
kid cedar at gmail dot com if you’re interested…
More to come…
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen