joshua tree workshop 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


On some recent travels through Piedmont, MO, where I purchased some land to start a mini build (and where we'll EVENTUALLY have an off-grid tiny house workshop), I came across this abandoned movie theater, which had JUST closed. When I bought the land only a year prior, the movie theater was still up and running, so it was sad to arrive and discover that it had, well, "given up".

But- think about it, this abandoned lot would make a GREAT "Tiny House Village" for a variety of reasons.... 

-The space is available and in a more affordable area of the country (that is all relative, of course)

-Its already graded and traversable- you don't have to do much, or any, road or parking lot work, which can be exorbitantly expensive.

-You have the added attraction of STILL being able to screen films community style, or still run the theater as a business perhaps on select days.

-Easy access- the land is right off a fairly major paved road which leads right to the many amenities downtown.

-There is already a large central septic system that presumably could/can handle large crowds

-It resides in a town that could use the help, tax dollars, shop patrons, and PR boost.

Piedmont is known as a bit of an economically "tough" town, as many towns in the rural midwest are, but I found it to be very picturesque, the people were very friendly, and it had a few really decent restaurants and shops. I would go back to visit, and will. The lumber yard there was actually fantastic- another huge "plus", and a business that such a community would certainly give LOTS of new business to.

So, just an idea, and just a post in hopes that someone MIGHT see an idea like this and run with it.


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  2. Awesome idea! If you could just drag this place out to Washington when you come out for the treehouse workshop...haha We have an old drive-in on the way to my tiny house. (I think I have the tiniest home on a private city lot in WA--the Clam Shack is 288 sq. ft.) I'd check it out, but it has been closed a long time. Grays Harbor folks keep talking about the homeless, so maybe they could rezone it and allow tiny homes. Like me, I suppose most tiny-home people are struggling to get a single tiny home built for themselves and don't have the time or talent to convince the system that a solution does NOT have to cost $200,000 per unit with ADA approved everything. Anyway, hope some developer types are reading your page.